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Vision Therapy for All Ages

Our team believes in vision therapy and its importance for all ages. We offer vision therapy through Foveal Vision Training, where we strive to create an enjoyable, trustworthy, and engaging environment for our patients to enhance their visual skills.

Vision therapy involves exercises and personalized treatment plans that help strengthen the eyes to provide clearer, more comfortable, and effortless vision. In other words, vision therapy is physical therapy for the eyes!

Dr. Schell and his team offer vision therapy for students, those with amblyopia and strabismus, head injuries, and those looking to improve their sports vision. We strive to help patients of all ages reach their goals through vision therapy—schedule your appointment today.

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Our Vision Therapy Mission

We have a holistic approach to vision therapy. Our mission is to provide comprehensive specialized vision assessments tailored to each patient’s needs. Our Foveal Vision Training Program encompasses those values and is designed to strengthen vision and correct visual dysfunctions.

From prisms, lenses, filters, and special computer programs, we offer vision training and recovery for all ages.

Vision Struggles Lead to Struggling in School

Our Focus with Vision Therapy

Our vision therapy services address visual motor guidance relating to motor skills, eye tracking, focusing on objects at a distance, eye alignment and visual information processing through 4 main areas.

Vision Therapy for Students

Vision therapy can benefit people of all ages, including your children. Children with learning and reading-related vision problems who struggle academically due to vision issues can benefit from a personalized vision therapy plan.

While vision therapy is not a direct treatment for learning disabilities, or a replacement for tutoring, help, or IEPs, it can help strengthen the interaction between the eyes and the brain.

Find out more about vision therapy for students.

Amblyopia is a result of decreased vision in one eye, causing an imbalance in the visual system. Strabismus occurs when one or both eyes are turned in, out, up, or down. Both of these conditions are addressed through our personalized vision therapy services.

Amblyopia usually occurs early on in life, so consistent eye exams are essential to treat amblyopia early. Therapy for strabismus typically includes primitive reflexes, prism lenses, and self-awareness activities.

Find out more about amblyopia and strabismus vision therapy.

Vision therapy can help benefit patients who have sustained a brain or head injury. Our personalized vision therapy programs can help detect and recognize how the brain injury is affecting your visual system and help determine ways to rehabilitate and improve visual stressors.

Find out more about vision therapy for head injuries.

Hand-eye coordination, eye tracking, reaction time, and dynamic visual acuity are essential for athletes. Sports vision therapy is customized to the specific sport you need and gives you the ability to perform at a higher level.

Find out more about sports vision.

Physical Therapy for Your Eyes

Our vision therapy training program begins with a visual assessment, followed by a personalized training program that trains over 17 visual skills to track your progress and help you graduate with improved visual skills.

We want to help you keep your vision at its best! Contact us to schedule an appointment and find out if vision therapy is a good option for you.

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