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Can an Optometrist Treat Dry Eye?

A person being assisted by an eye doctor to apply eye drops on his left eye.

If you constantly experience stinging and burning sensations in your eyes, it’s probably dry eye. While eye drops and warm compresses can help find temporary relief, dry eye is often chronic and tends to come back. Many people in this situation wonder about long-term solutions for dry eyes.  There’s good news—you can find relief with […]

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Is Vision Therapy Covered by OHIP?

A woman wearing dark glasses and looking at a vision therapy diagram as her eye doctor points to it.

For many Ontarians, navigating the complexities of healthcare coverage can feel like a blind spot in an already complex landscape. Vision therapy, an increasingly recognized form of treatment for vision challenges beyond the scope of traditional eyeglasses or contact lenses, is a prime example. Residents may wonder, “Is vision therapy covered by OHIP, and if […]

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